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Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse with Marie

This program is THE detox protocol par excellence, taken straight from the Ayurvedic tradition. Classically offered in a clinical setting, I have adapted the content so that it can be done while continuing to follow your daily life routine.


The goal of a fall detox is to revitalize the body to increase immunity, support liver function, and stabilize female hormones. You will notice that after just a few days you will no longer have symptoms of inflammation and you will already feel lighter.


On the program for this 14-day detox:


- 1 Ayurvedic consultation with me via video for 90 minutes to establish a complete diagnosis and recommend suitable plants during the detox;

- 4 followed by video with me at each stage of the protocol;

- 1 first phase of 4 days to de-inflame the body, by gradually removing foods that cause poor digestion or reduced immunity;

- 1 second phase of 5-7 days of detox with simple recipes that can be prepared in advance and targeting the functions of the liver and gallbladder;

- 1 final phase of regeneration and reintegration of seasonal foods adapted to your metabolism;

- shopping lists of seasonal ingredients to prepare your menus;

- menus to give you ideas for combining foods and recipes;

- well-being tools to add if necessary;

- my post detox advice to easily preserve the results after the protocol and for several months.


This program is offered exclusively as part of personalized support. The price includes the manual and the 5 consultations as well as my availability in case of questions throughout the protocol.


Ayurvedic detox is not based on calorie restriction, the balance is achieved naturally by the combination of seasonal ingredients, detox plants and the reduction of foods that cause inflammation for just a few days.


Clients who have practiced this protocol with me over the last 6 years have noted numerous long-term benefits: improved digestion, better sleep, reduction or disappearance of hormonal symptoms, or even reduction of cholesterol and stable weight loss.


At the time of purchase you will receive a link to download your protocol, which you can keep. I will then contact you to schedule your first consultation.

Ayurvedic Fall Cleanse with Marie

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